'After 20 years working as a Scaffolder, I found the aches and pains caused by hard manual labour creeping in faster than I was comfortable with.'
Feeling slightly concerned about my mobility and quality of life as I aged, I decided to make some positive lifestyle changes by researching the correlation between health and diet over the course of several years, and whilst I was certainly feeling healthier, my joint and general pains remained.
That was until I was convinced to try CBD infused products. I was initially sceptical so did some research and was amazed at how, what seems to be a simple plant, is in fact connected to the human body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors which are located within the human endocannabinoid system. With this newfound knowledge, I started using CBD infused products regularly and it did not take long for my aches and pains to became less obvious, and now almost like they were never there.
'I often found myself explaining to fellow workers from various occupations how CBD products were responsible for my sprightliness'
Whilst working on construction sites is often hard work, the tea breaks gave us time to relax and chat. This is how I often found myself explaining to fellow workers from various occupations how CBD infused products were responsible for my sprightliness at the grand old age of 30.
Most of the time this was simply curious conversation, but after a few people started asking me more about how to go about making simple lifestyle changes and also for more information and evidence about the benefits of CBD infused products, it became apparent that sourcing lab tested products from reputable suppliers was certainly not a simple thing to do, and also that I found enjoyment in helping the people around me.
Because of this my Partner and I started Rainbow CBD Ltd, based in the British Norfolk Countryside
The purpose of Rainbow CBD Ltd is to provide easy access to information from reputable sources, and to provide you with access to high quality, easy to use products that are infused with legally and ethically sourced organic CBD oil that is pesticide free, non-GMO and High Grade …. and on top of all that we also will not sell products that have been tested on animals!
Over the years we at Rainbow CBD Ltd have been keeping abreast of current research and perfecting our supply chain so we are finally able to offer products  that are infused with the best oils from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA. and made here in England
We also investigate how CBD infused products have been used throughout history and other interesting factoids, which we are always happy to chat about if you would like to Contact Us

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